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Join the Alpha Sisters Inner Circle!

The inner circle is a safe place for you to learn and receive support to embrace your strengths, practice your woo (spirituality), and connect with other like-minded sisters for support.

Every month there will be a training (pre-recorded or live) around business, spirituality, healing, or other topics that help us continue improving ourselves.

There will be also a monthly live Q & A or guidance session with yours truly, to receive psychic guidance or live intuitive coaching support.

You will have access to all past trainings.

Once joined, you will be invited to our private Facebook group where you can stay connected and have access to all the monthly live shenanigans!


Monthly Masterclass/Training - every month, you will get a chance to learn about interesting topics around spirituality, personal development, and productivity/business. Some past trainings have been on topics such as:

  • Full Moon Ritual & How to Personalize It
  • Past Life Regression Journey for Yourself
  • Spirit Animals and How to utilize their medicine
Monthly Live Psychic Guidance Reading - you will be notified on the date and time of live reading with me, and you will get the opportunity to ask specific question or request a general guidance to support your goals and growth.

Our Red Tent - every month around the new moon, we will have a virtual red tent where women can join the scheduled meeting to simply connect, talk, share, help, teach, learn, heal one another. No agenda, structure, pitch - simply sacred nurturing space for us to be together.

Exclusive Offers and Discounts for Any Future Programs or Events - community can thrive when it is continuously evolving, and you will be the first to be introduced to any new ideas, programs, events, or other exciting happenings in Alpha Female Sisterhood.

$99 per year (auto-renewed) or $11 per month (auto-renewed)

Your Instructor

Seo Choi
Seo Choi

Seo is a shaman, coach, author who empowers women to move outside their comfort zones, manifest transformation and play big. I help women get out of their own head and embrace the WOO to trust themselves to change their lives, thrive in their world on their own terms…and in their own way. She is the founder of Alpha Female Sisterhood and Alpha Sisters Publishing.

Course Curriculum

Available in days
days after you enroll

Courses Included with Purchase

Manifestation Superpowers
Everything you need to know about manifesting effortlessly and powerfully
Seo Choi
Full Moon Ritual Masterclass
How to do Full Moon Rituals and How to Make It Your Own
Seo Choi
Spirit Animal Masterclass
All about spirit & power animals and how to work with them
Seo Choi
Past Life Journey Course
How to do past life journey on your own
Seo Choi
21-Day Mindset Makeover
21 Daily Mindset Practices to manifest more abundance, joy, & confidence.
Seo Choi
Working with Divination Tools - Oracle Cards
How to work with oracle cards for more clarity, inspiration, guidance, and FUN
Seo Choi
How to Create Your Vision Board and spiritual practices you can do with your vision board to manifest you results.
Seo Choi
​Magical Manifestation: Essential Oils for Manifesting & Personal Growth
Learn How to Use Essential Oils to Clear Limiting Beliefs & Change Your Vibration
Lisa Cusano
Tuning In
Practices to tune into your intuition to receive answers
Seo Choi
Working With Your Spirit Guides
tips and exercises in connecting with and working with your spirit guides
Seo Choi
Your Pelvis is Your Superpower!
Unlock your Inner Clarity & Confidence
Sara Smith
Ancestral Connection Training
How to connect with our ancestors' higher selves for clarity, guidance, and healing
Seo Choi
Intuitive Writing
Writing as practices to strengthen your intuitive connection
Seo Choi
Money Magic Rituals
Quick and Fun Money Magic You Can Do For Prosperity and Abundance
Seo Choi
Fool's Journey in Tarot
Learning Tarot Archetypes through Fool's Journey
Amanda Bell
Twelve Houses of Astrology
Learn 12 Houses of Astrology Your Way
Jenn Mac
Healing Self & Others Using Divination Cards
Simple, fun energetic practices to add to your spiritual practice
Seo Choi

Original Price: $524

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have Facebook?
A lot of live activities and interactions inside the inner circle will happen inside the private Facebook group. So I highly recommend that you give it a chance to participate. However, all the trainings and live Q & A sessions will be recorded and shared inside this site, where you can access anytime as long as your membership is current. You can also comment or contact me inside the course and I will be able to answer your questions.

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